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What am I allowed to do with loops and melodies?

Minted Melodies are free to download and use as you please.

What is the point of "minting" on the blockchain?

Minting one of our melodies is how you get exclusive usage rights to that loop or melody. NFTs and blockchain technology allow us to more easily keep a public record of who owns each melody.

What are the exclusive usage rights once I mint a melody?

Any Minted Melody NFT you own grants you full ownership to its usage rights, allowing it to be licensed/copywritten by you for any commercial purpose, royalty-free.

What if I use a melody without minting it?

It is 100% ok to use any melodies on our site in your own work as long as you are not seeking profit for that work. However, you will owe us, or the current owner of that minted melody, royalties for any placements or profits if you do not own the Minted Melodies NFT for that loop or melody.

What if a melody I want to purchase has already been minted?

You can try and purchase it off the current owner via a secondary marketplace like OpenSea. This is the beauty of the secondary market and how NFTs provide us with a public record of ownership.